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1.What is Organic Cotton or Organic Clothing?
Organic cotton is cotton that is produced and certified to organic agricultural standards. Its production sustains the health of soils, ecosystems and people by using natural processes rather than artificial inputs. Importantly organic cotton farming does not allow the use of toxic chemicals or GMOs (genetically modified organisms). Instead, it combines tradition, innovation and science to benefit the shared environment and promote a good quality of life for all involved. Organic clothing is clothing made from materials raised in on in or grown in compliance with organic agricultural standards. Organic clothing may be composed of Cotton, Jute, linen, bamboo, Silk, Ramie, or Wool. i.e. Natural fibers.

2.Are your clothes really organic? what is g.o.t.s certified organic and g.o.t.s certified Dyes?
The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is recognised as the world’s leading processing standard for textiles made from organic fibres. It defines high-level environmental criteria along the entire organic textiles supply chain and requires compliance with social criteria as well. Only textile products that contain a minimum of 70% organic fibres can become GOTS certified. All chemical inputs such as dyestuffs and auxiliaries used must meet certain environmental and toxicological criteria. We at AEIOUorganic source our fabrics and dyes from mills which comply these strict criteria. AEIOU was initiated with a strong belief and values to help in contributing towards eco-friendly fashion and do not take this lightly. Hence, the mills are visited and examined before we source our fabrics. Furthermore, we are happy to be associated with people who has same values as us. The mill we are associated with is certified with the following. Process patented for herbal dyeing, 1% to social cause, not tested on animals, almost zero carbon footprint, total recycling, TGPI-total green people of India and lastly Ethical fashion forum source winner.

3.How do you price your clothing? Why are most organic clothing brands priced high?
We believe in Fair price for sustainability.When you buy organic cotton you are investing in water conservation, cleaner air, better soil and farmer livelihoods. Moreover Each and every person working to produce a particular clothing in the supply chain is respected for what they do and their hard work is not taken for granted. Hence, the price for organic cotton is therefore sometimes, but not always, higher. We believe in fair trade and ethical fashion and our employees vouch for the same. With demand on the rise for organic clothing, we hope to bring more choices to our consumers in near future.

4.Do you use Natural Dyes?
Yes, we use Natural dyes for most of our fabrics.  If for some reason we are unable to source or use fabrics dyed with natural dyes, we use the next best alternative i.e. G.O.T.S Certified low impact dyes which are non toxic in nature. Also, please note that we do not use or encourage using mordants such as chromium, copper and tin to enhance the colour in natural dyes as these mordants are hazardous and toxic in nature. A-E-I-O-U is all about getting inspired by nature. It represents fashion which is long lasting, consumes less and gives back to the nature. Moreover, it’s just beautiful and mesmerizing to see how nature gives us the colours in different forms.

5.Do you take custom orders?
No, we do not take custom orders to change the style or make a new style. However, we can definitely help with customizing sizes for best fitting.

6.I am not sure about my size.
Don’t worry! Please visit our sizing guide page to help yourself with the right fit or how to measure for a perfect fit.

7.How long does the delivery take?
Delivery time depends on the location you are at. As all the products are shipped from India, the time taken to receive depends on country to country. However, these are the estimated time frames for the delivery:

Domestic Shipping:

Withing a state: 2 days to 4 days

Overall India: 4 days to 7 days

International Shipping:

U.S.A & Canada: 8 days to 14 days.

Europe: 8 days to 14 days.

Rest of the world: 10 days to 15 days.

8.Which courier do you use?
We use India Post for both Domestic and International shipping. However, we are planning to tie up with other courier services soon. We shall update here once done.

9.How can I track my order?
We will send a mail to your registered email address with the tracking number once the product is out for delivery. You can use our tracking page (aftership) to track your package.

10.Why I can’t log in to my account?
Please make sure you have entered the correct password as we all know that is one of the primary reason for failed login. Next, if it still doesn’t work please get in touch with us at so that we can look into this for you.

11.Can I amend my order once it has been placed?
Oh yes, we are aware of the fickle mind one’s. Don’t worry as long as we didn’t ship your product, you can amend your order. Please mail us at to let us know. Give us a good excuse though!

12.Why can’t I place an item in my basket?
Oh my! quite a shopping cart you have there. Mail us  at to investigate this.

13.Can I trust you with my email, address, phone number, credit card?
Please be assured that we will take care of your personal details on this website and promise that we do not pass on to any other website. A little trust will take us all a long way.

14.Do you offer international shipping?
Yes! we do.

15.How much does shipping cost?
We offer free domestic shipping. International shipping is free for orders over $70. For orders under $70 we charge $20.

16.What is your refund or exchange policy?
Please refer our refund and exchange page for details.

17.Do you have any stockists in my city?
Currently we are working with partnering to stock our collection in different cities both domestic and international. We shall update this info time to time. Please subscribe to us to receive updates.

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